Fr [Dr] John Neelankavil CMI [MLISc, MPhil, PhD]

Librarian & Faculty, DVK Pontifical Athenaeum 

Dharmaram College P.O.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560 029



PS: 1


Library planning involves various steps. Usually, the  planning involves  the following steps:

1) Brainstorming session

2) Strategy session

3) Booster session*

4) Execution planning

5) Presentation of the Plan-chart

Following are the relevant Plan-charts:

a)     Library Plan (with Diagram & Design) *

b)    Financial Plan

c)     Time Plan (details of work, completion & commission)

*These two sessions can be organized with the larger community. 

PS: 2


Dr. John accepts all the concepts, visions, and missions of OLC to serve the people and institutions that promote research and knowledge. He provides consultation service on one end, and on the other, they are providing opportunities.

As a library professional, he has a mission with the following four areas:

1) Good Library – DVK Central Library keeps the library as a model. It provides consultancy services for library planners, constructors, and library professionals to make and maintain an excellent library. (More than 50 modern libraries in India modeled/consulted).

2) Good Librarians – The committed library team of DVK provides quality service to the users with joy and love at the library. Many libraries and information science students, teachers, and professionals consider this library an ideal place to train fresh professionals. So, they regularly provide rigorous training/internships for fresh professionals from different parts of India. It will help them get good placements, the opportunity to gain experience with traditional and modern library systems, and personality development to serve society excellently as library professionals.

3) Good Users - The library prepares the user community to use the library as a partner, responsible for the quality research. It provides maximum connections for the researchers to the resources with creative and lovely research-ecology.

4) Good Resources – In the DVK library, the library resources are selected with the help of staff and students (academic community). It is a combined effort to improve the quality of resources in the library.