Designing a New Library Building 

Planning and Space Management of Library Buildings

Modification for Modernisation with New-Gen Facilities (Conversion of existing library structure)

Orientation Programm / Workshop

              Consultant for Library Planning 

                       90+ Academic Libraries have been Consulted.

Dr John Neelankavil CMI 




Other points for discussion: 

Offering a One-day Workshop on the following topics: 

Topic 1: Why do we need a Library?

There are people who ask the fundamental question, ‘Why do we need a Library?’ The influence of info[1]age and the behavioural changes of the researchers are the primary reason for this question. I want to say

that the physical library is an environment for enlightenment, which is essential for the need and purpose

of higher education and knowledge production.

Topic 2: Designing Components of a Modern Library

It explains a List of Requirements for a modern library. Making a requirement list for a modern library

involves long-time research. This session will lead the people to a vast area of requirements and their

purpose in the modern library.

Topic 3: Concepts & Space Metrics for a Modern Library Planning

Planning a library with philosophy will bring a rich yield. In the same way, the essential calculations for the

library space are also a critical requirement. In this session, I would like to guide the people to plan the

library with concepts and metrics.

Topic 4: Designing a Variety of Learning Spaces: with Different Built-Energy

A variety of learning spaces and different ambiences in each library area are demanding requirements for

the modern library. The library must attract new-gen people for learning and research. This session shows

some modern ambience and supporting furniture for this purpose.

Topic 5: Research Informatics: Key to the Referencing Culture

Referencing Culture is an essential requirement for quality research. This session can update the trainers,

faculties, authorities and researchers of higher education institutions about the need for Research

Informatics. This session also helps people discover new possibilities for quality knowledge production. 

MEDIA CLIPS: The ‘father’ of libraries 

CMS College , Kottayam (24 News)

Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Thrissur (Reporter) 

Reporter TV news about B C M  College Library, Kottayam 


Consultancy Service Provided by Dr. John Neelankavil CMI for Library Planning and Space Designing

Dr. John Neelankavil CMI started his professional consultation after his MLISc and joined as a librarian in 2003 with a library planning and space designing work of newly constructed DVK Central Library, Bangalore, with a 45000 square feet built area and 50000 square feet area of natural environment as a garden library and forest library. The space management of this library has attracted many people from different academic institutions, and they approached Dr. John for the consultation of library planning and space designing work for their library projects. Dr. John extended his consultancy for 90+ libraries from 2003 to 2023. Dr. John has researched SPACE MANAGEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES for his Ph.D.

Library Consultancy:
90+ Academic Libraries have been Consulted, including
- DVK Central Library, Bangalore
- MG University, Kottayam
- St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur
- SB College (Autonomous), Chenganassery
- Rajagiri College of Social Science (Autonomous), Kochi
- Sahrdaya College of Eng. & Tech, Kodakara
- CMS College (Autonomous), Kottayam
- Maharaja's College (Autonomous), Ernakulam
- Gov. Medical College, Thrissur

More details are available at:


Library Advisory Board of the Central University of Kerala (2014- )




K. Jayakumar IAS (Former CS of Kerala State & VC of Malayalam University) shares his observations on the newly constructed library at Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology, Kodakara, Kerala, (designed by Dr. John Neelankavil CMI) on the occasion of the library inauguration ceremony. 

Bishop Kurialacherry College for Women, Amalagiri, Kottayam, recently constructed a library with 30000 SF (approx.) built area with the planning and designing of Dr. John Neelankavil CMI. The principal and librarian of this college acknowledge that this new library led them to the A+ grade in NAAC accreditation. 

St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur, recently constructed a library with 42000 SF built area with the planning and designing of Dr. John Neelankavil CMI. The Librarian and Faculty of Philosophy, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Pontifical Athenaeum, Bengaluru.



Accreditation and assessment agencies consider the library the central learning space and core research facility of higher education institutions (HEI).

Usually, NAAC assesses the library in Criterion IV, Infrastructure and Learning Resources (4.2). Apart from Criterion IV, Library activities are visible in many other Criterion (like II, III, VII) and its sub-components. So, an excellent library with creative space and innovation can bring a higher grade to the institution.

National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 plans to segregate the HEI into teaching-oriented and research-oriented institutions, and the latter will get more credit. Modern libraries have to accommodate the net-generation with all their expectations. A paradigm shift in the library is from a collection-oriented design to a connection-oriented design. Nowadays library has to provide an environment for research and enlightenment.

A few webinar records (links are available below) may help one confirm one's idea of innovations in the library.

Significance of Libraries in NAAC Accreditation

NAAC Accreditation and College Libraries